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    BOYS BITE BACK: Sean Dorsey Dance

    As the shadow of the Trump Administration’s rule falls over LGBTQ communities across the U.S., award-winning LGBT dance company Sean Dorsey Dance bites back with new full-throttle dance, luscious queer partnering, and highly-physical theater. In turns explosive, powerful, vulnerable and sexy, these new dances explore navigating queer and trans masculinities, trouble and resistance in contemporary America.

    Decidedly queer and deliciously subversive, BOYS BITE BACK takes a bite out of gender, macho posturing, standing up to bullies, trans peer pressure and being “butch enough.” Sean Dorsey is something of a trailblazer, being an openly transgender choreographer and dancer—in a field (Dance) where gender conformity is expected. All performances also feature two guest artists: retro quartet The Singing Bois and poet Amir Rabiyah.

    BOYS BITE BACK comes to San Francisco for three shows only this May 12–13. It’s a rare treat for San Francisco audiences to get to see Sean Dorsey Dance, who tour extensively. These performances will also give audiences a sneak peek of Dorsey’s upcoming full-evening show BOYS IN TROUBLE, which will premiere in San Francisco in Spring 2018 before touring the U.S.

    “As an artist and an activist, I really needed to make new dances that respond to this enormously important moment in American history,” says Dorsey. “These new short dances respond with anger, with sass and cheek, with full hearts and with heavy hearts. And humor. A lot of humor.”

    The company’s multi-generational ensemble performs these new dances with guts and precision and deep humanity—moving seamlessly between full-throttle dancing, live speaking and intimate storytelling. The company has been awarded 4 Isadora Duncan Dance Awards and has toured to 26 U.S. and Canadian cities.

    With gorgeous full-bodied dancing and exquisite storytelling, BOYS BITE BACK moves audiences to examine their own assumptions and experiences of gender and conformity. The two special guest artists featured at each performance enrich the production: The Singing Bois are a queer retro quartet that is part boy band, part Rat Pack; and Amir Rabiyah is an acclaimed queer, trans, mixed race poet-storyteller.

    Dorsey says, “I invited The Singing Bois to perform because they are such trailblazers—and because I’m such a fan myself. They’re a brilliant all-queer, all-boi quartet that centers masculine-of-center, non-binary and people of color in their beautiful covers and original songs.”

    He adds, “When I started choreographing and writing the text for these dances, I immediately thought of inviting Amir Rabiyah to share his poems. He’s that very rare phenomenon: a truly, deeply gifted poet of the highest caliber. His poems and storytelling transport and transform audiences.”

    Sean Dorsey has earned international attention as the nation’s first acclaimed transgender contemporary dance choreographer. His dances have been called “exquisite … poignant and important” (BalletTanz), “trailblazing” (San Francisco Chronicle) and “evocative, compelling, elegant” (LA Weekly).

    BOYS BITE BACK is performed by Sean Dorsey, Brian Fisher, ArVejon Jones, Nol Simonse and Will Woodward. The show features original music composed by Alex Kelly, Ben Kessler and Grey Reverend. Saturday night’s 8 pm performance features a Gala reception after the show celebrating the company’s new work. Advance tickets are recommended, but tickets will also be available at the door.

    “Navigating life under the horrific Trump Administration has made our communities hungry,” explains Dorsey. “Hungry for justice, hungry for opportunities to gather safely in community, and hungry to see our voices elevated and celebrated. BOYS BITE BACK offers audiences all of these things.”

    Dorsey is known for creating dances that audiences can understand and relate to—something modern dance often misses the mark on. “Sometimes,” he says, “there are things that a spinning, jumping, sweaty body onstage can express in a way that nothing else can. These are very human, accessible dances that touch on something we all can relate to: feeling different, having longings for love and connection, and wanting liberation.”

    by Sean Dorsey Dance

    May 12–13, 2017 (Fri 8 pm/Sat 4 pm & 8 pm)
    Z Space, San Francisco