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    Budgeting, and an Invitation to a Weddings Workshop Brunch

    selectingringsBudgeting is one of the most dreaded wedding subjects. Post tax time, it can be all the more stressful for many couples. Money itself is often a sensitive subject, but a wedding is a joyous occasion and one you should enjoy from start to finish. To make coping easier, we have pulled together a few tips for smooth budget sailing.

    Set a Budget. When it comes to wedding details, know exactly how much you can spend. It will help you to figure out where you can splurge and where you need to spend. Aim to strike a balance between necessities and luxuries.

    Do Research. When you have a budget, you must do research. Shop for different prices and ask your planner to help. Coordinators have relationships with vendors and they can often work in a great deal.

    Consider Your Options. The heart wants what it wants, but if you want sunflowers in the winter, you’re going to have to pay. Be practical with certain details and always consider an alternative.

    Seek Professional Help. It’s worthwhile to seek coordination assistance. When budgets are involved, a coordinator is the first thing you sacrifice, but look at it this way: It’s your wedding and you should treat yourself like a queen.

    The coordinator you decide to work with will have great connections that will save you time, stress, and will help keep your budget on track. Would you like to learn more methods for easy wedding planning?

    Join our Popup Shop on Saturday, April 26, at Napa Valley Linens in Emeryville, 1315 63rd Street. There, we’ll host a brunch from 11 am to 3 pm while offering great wedding advice. We’ll talk linens, budgets, menus and vendors. See you there!

    Chanda Monique Eddens is the executive designer and owner of A Monique Affair. Chanda aims to provide a beautiful and memorable experience, delivering an event that will enchant both you and your guests.