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    Celebrate and Support LGBTQ Seniors at Openhouse Spring Fling on May 22

    By Dr. Kathleen M. Sullivan–

    Openhouse welcomes supporters and community members to our first in person Spring Fling since 2019! This year our Pride theme is “Love is Ageless” and the love we feel for our community of supporters has never been higher. We honor Director, Shireen McSpadden this year—a support and member of our community. Director McSpadden, while at DAS (Department of Disability and Aging Services) was a tireless champion for getting more services to LGBTQ elders and her work helped Openhouse expand to serving over 3,500 community members today.

    We also honor Horizons Foundation for their long-term support of LGBTQ seniors and, in particular, their support for Openhouse and other nonprofits in pivoting to provide services to seniors during the pandemic. Their support facilitated hundreds of seniors getting food and groceries delivered, life-saving prescriptions picked up at the pharmacy, and thousands of friendly supportive calls being made to community members.

    We also acknowledge that, as we celebrate, there are renewed attacks on the community: from the attack on women that seeks to strip away bodily sovereignty to over 200 legislative attacks on LGBTQ+ people, especially trans youth, across the country. The Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade and legislative attacks could have devastating ramifications for our community.

    Our community, though, remains vibrant and strong. While we have challenging times ahead, we also know how to come together and extend love and grace to one another. We are excited for Spring Fling and for Pride this year. Love is ageless and will keep us together in good and challenging times.

    Openhouse Spring Fling

    11 am–2 pm, with Tea Dance to follow
    The Ritz Carleton, San Francisco

    Dr. Kathleen M. Sullivan is the Executive Director of Openhouse

    Published on May 19, 2022