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    Column Take Me Home with You: 5.23.24

    Have you found your lucky Penny yet? If not, here’s your chance! Penny is a vibrant and affectionate pup brimming with energy and ready to bring a wave of joy and perhaps a bit of luck into your life. Skilled in several commands like Sit, Touch, and Down, Penny is a fast learner who loves to please. She’s the perfect blend of friendly and enthusiastic, always ready to shower you with kisses.

    Penny is a social butterfly; she gets along famously with both people and dogs, though she’s still mastering her bedtime manners! As a young pup, Penny thrives on reward-based training, which will surely polish this already bright gem into the finest coin in your pocket.


    Think Penny might be your good luck charm? Swing by the SF SPCA and let this delightful dog make your day luckier!

    Experience the joy Penny can bring into your life by visiting us at the SF SPCA Mission Campus, located at 201 Alabama Street. We warmly welcome visitors from 11 am to 6 pm, Wednesday through Sunday, and from 1 pm to 6 pm on Tuesdays. Please note, the SF SPCA is closed on Mondays. Come meet Penny and see how much brighter your days can be with her by your side!

    Take Me Home With You
    Published on May 23, 2024