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    Fabulosa Books Lit Snax 3.10.22

    Pop Trash: The Amazing Art of Jason Mecier

    Mecier’s hilarious, playful, and insanely beautiful collage portraits of celebrities are made using candy, cosmetics, trash, bacon … you name it. No lover of High Camp should be without this book. And just for the month of March, Fabulosa is also hosting an art show of pillows featuring Mecier’s art!!!


    Queerness, the immigrant experience, and coming of age themes mingle promiscuously in these short stories set in a Cambodian American community in Stockton. By turns poignant, droll, and illuminating, they take readers into the author’s complex world with aplomb and verve.

    The Right to Sex: Feminism in The Twenty-First Century by Amia Srinivasan

    This is a brilliant collection of essays bringing complexity and nuance to some of contemporary feminism’s stickiest conundrums. Controversial, but refreshing!

    Published on March 10, 2022