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    French Cleat: Cest Bon

    By Julie Peri–

    French cleats are a great way to have a modular shelving system, and to organize tools on your wall. What is a French cleat? It is a simple bracket made with interlocking 45-degree angles. One side is attached to the wall and the other to the back of the item you want to hang. The two sides lock together and form a strong, secure bracket, with the weight evenly distributed along the entire length of the cleat.

    To make a French cleat, you can use a table saw, or circular saw with a guide. Set the cutting angle to 45 degrees, mark your wood, make your cut, and then attach the cleats. Learn more fun tips and tricks with us at one of our workshops in the Bay Area!

    Introduction to Tools Workshop
    March 5 @ San Francisco

    Tiny House Workshop Series
    March 12–April 24 @ Bay Area

    Introduction to Tools Workshop
    April 9 @ San Francisco

    Introduction to Tools Workshop
    May 14 @ San Francisco

    Overnight Carpentry Camp
    July 24–July 30 @ Bay Area

    For more information about these and other events, go to:

    Julie Peri is the Founder and Director of Dykes With Drills.

    Published on February 24, 2022