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    Welcome to the inaugural column of “Ready for Her.” I am excited to be able to bring timely, relevant information to our community, while also focusing on the historic candidacy of Hillary Clinton, the opportunities we have to get more outstanding women elected to office (future columns will offer analysis and discussion of the state of women in various elected offices), and how this all impacts our Queer community as we continue to move towards full equality in all aspects of our lives—the workplace, economically, our families, and in the hearts and minds of our friends, families, neighbors, colleagues and employers.

    Each month, this page will focus on, and offer updates, regarding Hillary’s campaign, other women leaders—in politics and elsewhere—and hopefully engender discussions about leadership, how to positively impact society, future challenges we must take on, amongst other timely topics. Please follow us, stay informed and, most of all, participate!           – Leslie R Katz