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    GGBA Member Spotlight: Ashleigh Wilson of AuditMate

    Most of us take elevators for granted, until they break down. The first electric elevator was invented in 1880, and they have been critical to building construction ever since. The world’s first commercial escalator made its appearance nearly 20 years later, in 1899. Building owners and managers devote necessary attention and budgeting to the installation and upkeep of elevators and escalators, which is where AuditMate comes in. Founder Ashleigh Wilson says, “The elevator business is all I’ve ever known; raised in a family of elevator mechanics, inspectors, and business managers. When I entered the industry in my early 20s, I was passionate about leading global change in an industry rich with history and innovation. I didn’t just see myself as a business manager, I saw myself as an advocate for customers.”

    GGBA: Please tell us about AudiMate.

    Ashleigh Wilson: AuditMate is the first-ever elevator and escalator auditing software built to empower building owners and managers to get the full value of their elevator contracts. 

    Building on our roots in the elevator industry, our business will become the world’s most powerful example of a company that succeeds based on the strategy of doing right by others. In the future we are creating, all employees and customers experience trust, transparency, and safety—both physical and psychological—in their interactions with businesses. As a result, AuditMate will rise as the first fully sustainable, profitable business in its category, but more importantly, a leading change agent throughout business at large. 

    GGBA: What motivated you to create AuditMate?

    Ashleigh Wilson: AuditMate was created because I found that clients didn’t fully understand their elevator contracts due to contracts being intentionally vague and confusing and clients were only receiving 50% of the elevator and escalator services they were paying for. 

    GGBA: Who are some of your role models, and especially those who helped to influence your business?

    Ashleigh Wilson: My role model is my step-dad and business partner, Joe Stumph. He started in the business as an elevator technician and climbed the ranks in the corporate elevator industry. Even with the malleable values and shift to a profit focus in the industry, he stuck firm to his beliefs of doing proper maintenance and being a customer advocate. He never wavered in putting people first, even when times were tough and the company was pushing for more profit. He believed that when we do right, we will do well. This is one of AuditMate’s core values. When we are people first, everyone wins.

    GGBA: Why did you decide to join the GGBA, and how long have you been a member?

    Ashleigh Wilson: I joined GGBA because of the vision of an economically empowered San Francisco Bay Area LGBTQ business community that inspires others. This vision is closely aligned with my vision of putting people first and leading by example. I too, want to be a champion of representation of empowered LGBT businesses and founders, to help others become empowered.

    GGBA: How has being a member of GGBA helped your business so far?

    Ashleigh Wilson: [I have valued] being witness to other businesses and entrepreneurs who are successful in their own fields while helping others succeed. Representation is so important and constantly inspires me.

    GGBA: Do you go to the GGBA monthly Make Contact networking events? Have they benefited you and your business, and would you recommend them to others?

    Ashleigh Wilson: With COVID-19, I haven’t been to as many in-person networking events as I would like, but I am excited to rejoin the IRL (in real life) world. I am a major advocate of connecting with people in our community; I believe those connections are imperative to our success as LGBT individuals.

    GGBA: What other advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own business?

    Ashleigh Wilson: Be the role model you need. There are thousands of reasons not to start a business, but taking the risk and putting your dream first not only benefits you but it also empowers others to chase their dreams. The road will be long and hard but our community is brave, smart, and full of risk takers. By taking the leap and putting yourself out there, you will find your community.

    I am grateful to the GGBA that is bringing together community and resources. This road of entrepreneurship as an LGBT entrepreneur is our own, but no one succeeds alone.

    GGBA Calendar

    Tuesday, April 12
    Make Contact In-Person
    6 pm–7:30 pm
    New Conservatory Theatre Center
    25 Van Ness Avenue, SF

    This is a free networking event for GGBA members and $5 for non-members. Light refreshments and beverages (beer & wine & nonalcoholic) will be served.

    Wednesday, April 20
    New Member Orientation
    12:30 pm–1:15 pm

    Zoom link will be sent 1 hour prior to event start
    Whether you’re a brand-new member or a seasoned networker, you may attend this event! This session will help you:

    • learn more about the history of the GGBA;
    • introduce you to new members in your cohort;
    • and learn simple ways to get involved to grow your business and relationships.

    Wednesday, April 27
    New Ambassador Committee!
    Starts at 5:30 pm
    Vico Cavone
    4248 18th Street, SF

    Join GGBA Board member Olga García and other members as we kick off our new Ambassador Committee. Ambassadors are GGBA members who support the mission of the GGBA: to champion opportunity, development, and advocacy for our LGBTQ+ & Allied business community. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to enhance your community connections and involvement while helping the GGBA uplift LGBTQ+ business owners.

    Tuesday, May 3
    Intro to Pop-Ups & Grassroots Marketing
    2 pm–3:30 pm
    Online event

    In this workshop, business owners will learn about how a pop-up can be beneficial to them and give them a path to do their first pop-up or improve their events presence. The workshop will be presented by the GGBA and the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, which is a nonprofit organization that for over 30 years has served people in the Bay Area who want to start or grow their business.

    Thursday, May 5
    Preparing to Pop-Up
    2 pm–3:30 pm

    Join the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and the GGBA for a virtual workshop that will teach you how to identify the tools and resources you need to Pop-Up while helping you navigate the necessary permits you must obtain.

    Friday, June 17
    GGBA’s Annual Event: Power Connect 2022
    9 am–4 pm
    934 Brannan Street, SF

    Everything is different in 2022, it seems, so we’ll be tackling big issues under the theme “The New World of Business,” with highly curated experiences centering on the interests and needs of our member businesses and corporate partners. Some of the new elements we are introducing are:

    • strategic networking with Business-to-Business and Business-to-Corporation Matchmaking;
    • food and drink options hosted by our local members;
    • keynotes and workshops focused on supplier diversity, the challenges and opportunities of the future, and tools for success in the new world of business.

    Tickets: $95 for Members ($70 Early Bird Ends on May 17!); $125 for Non-Members

    Published on April 7, 2022