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    Greg Wieting, Founder of PRISMA

    Greg Wieting, the founder of PRISMA, helps clients heal the anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and trauma they can’t think or talk their way out of. He developed the PRISMA framework while recovering from his own chronic pain and more rooted in trauma.

    GGBA: Please tell us about PRISMA.

    Greg Wieting: I help leaders, entrepreneurs, and founders heal the anxiety, depression, and chronic pain that is often symptomatic of unresolved trauma. For two decades I’ve helped hundreds of clients reduce or eliminate their dependence on antidepressants, anxiety, pain, and sleep meds. We address the unique causative factors at play beneath your pain—namely the unresolved trauma that causes inflammation, compromises immune function, stagnates emotion, fogs thought, and creates hormonal imbalance.

    I am the founder of PRISMA—a framework overlaying trauma, neuroscience, and energy medicine with somatic and mindfulness-based practices. I developed PRISMA while healing my own anxiety, depression, and chronic pain rooted in trauma. This included unraveling a severe spinal curvature and standing three inches taller today!

    I help leaders reclaim the fulfillment inside their purpose by resolving the emptiness and overwhelm of burnout so they can lead with more courage, freedom, and aliveness.

    GGBA: Why did you decide to create PRISMA and your business?

    Greg Wieting: The world is hungry for healing. Trauma can debilitate us and make us feel empty and hollow. It can spiral us into overwhelm and tie us up in knots of alienation. Trauma can suffocate and swallow us whole. It can strangle us in unexplained pain and rob us of a sense of hope and possibility.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way. I help you mine the gold of unresolved trauma and transmute pain into a life of purpose, place, and meaning.

    Many of my clients find me after years (sometimes decades) of western medicine, talk therapy, and trying every other treatment under the sun without getting better. I want you to get better and I know that you can.

    It’s time to stop suppressing symptoms so your body can express health. This is where I come in. If you’ve exhausted yourself chasing symptoms and you’re done with cookie-cutter approaches, I’m here to help.

    Healing is a commitment to defy odds. Healing helps you expand the aperture of possibility so you can break through the upper limits of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

    GGBA: Who are some of your role models, and especially those who helped to influence your work?

    Greg Wieting: My friend, mentor, and colleague Amy Cooper was a tremendous influence in both the development of my craft and my business. She had advanced training in trauma treatment and mental health and studied somatic, developmental, and psychodynamic approaches as well as the mindful practice of qigong.

    GGBA: Why did you decide to join the GGBA, and how long have you been a member?

    Greg Wieting: I’m new to the GGBA. I’m excited to be a part of the world’s first LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce.

    GGBA: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own business?

    Greg Wieting: Big vision needs big support. Get support from other industry experts. Don’t go it alone. Stay connected to your values. Don’t lose sight of your why.

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