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    Joy Baucom of Diligence Security Group

    “The company treats their employees like family.” That is just one of the positive Google reviews for Diligence Security Group, an Oakland-based security guard service founded by Joy Baucom over a decade ago. Her prior extensive experience included serving as the Global Manager of Security and Loss Prevention Operations for Levi Strauss & Co. Here she explains more about her present work and business.

    GGBA: What are the mission and values of Diligence Security Group?

    Joy Baucom

    Joy Baucom: Diligence Security Group (DSG) provides armed, unarmed, and patrol security services throughout the state of California. Our mission is to provide quality services by people from the community because they understand the community and, therefore, will care about the community.

    GGBA: Why did you decide to create DSG?

    Joy Baucom: DSG was created to make a direct impact on the community we serve by maximizing the experiences of the leadership team and security officers whom we have in place. Our experienced team members who come from various diverse backgrounds contribute to the success of DSG. Many organizations like to say they are diverse, but then try to put diversity in a box. There is value in being “you” in security, and there is value in being able to relate to the community you serve.

    GGBA: Who are some of your role models, and especially those who helped to influence your business?

    Joy Baucom: Throughout my life, I have had many role models and great examples, specifically from the church I grew up in and some of the dynamic leaders in Corporate America. I realized that the common characteristic of all of them who made an impact was [that they were] people who were passionate about their mission and who valued service leadership. As a business owner, you cannot drive change or your mission without passion. Leaders cannot be true leaders without knowing how to serve others.

    GGBA: Why did you decide to join the GGBA, and how long have you been a member?

    Joy Baucom: I recently joined GGBA because I wanted to be a part of an organization that represents a diverse part of a community that is not as much of a focus for organizations’ diversity initiatives. I want to be a part of something that represents who I am as a business owner. In addition, there are issues involving the safety and security of the LGBTQ community and I would like to be a valued resource to all GGBA members.

    GGBA: How has being a member of GGBA helped your business so far?

    Joy Baucom: So far, being a member has been great. I have been able to meet and connect with people and other businesses that are also part of GGBA. I look forward to future networking opportunities.

    GGBA: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own business?

    Joy Baucom: First, start a business in something that you are passionate about. It makes it easier to deal with the hard times it may bring. Second, spend time on developing your business program and processes. This will help grow your business faster in a healthy way. And finally, partner, hire, and do business with others who understand your vision or who have the same vision for success.

    GGBA: Is there anything else that you would like to share?  

    Joy Baucom: There are many concerning issues in the safety and security space in the Bay Area. Now is the time to come together and not be divided. We all need to work together on viable solutions to solve the root causes of these problems. All politicians, first responders, law enforcement professionals, business owners, and community leaders should unite and not point fingers. It’s easy to blame and look for scapegoats, but real leaders become a part of the solution and not the problem.

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    Published on August 24, 2023