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    Kimberly Reyes of Kimberly Reyes Interiors

    We recently sat down with author, international speaker, CEO, and Principal Interior Designer Kimberly Reyes of Kimberly Reyes Interiors to learn more about her business, intuitive design, and connection to the Golden Gate Business Administration (GGBA).

    GGBA: Tell us about your business and what differentiates it from other interior design businesses.

    Kimberly Reyes: Our work goes far beyond the aesthetics of a space. I combine my multisensory intuitive abilities; business acumen; multiple degrees, including two in psychology; and decades of interior design work to create unparalleled experiences for our clients. We are extremely client-centric. Most interior designers don’t have a toolbox to pull from like ours. I am an intuitive and have a background in environmental psychology, energy, energetic aesthetics, and neuro aesthetics. We examine learning style, family history, DNA, and more. We want each client we work with to live their best lives in their sanctuary that nourishes and heals daily!

    We have had our studio in the Castro for three and a half years but have projects worldwide and pop-ups in various areas.

    Kimberly Reyes

    GGBA: Can you share more about your experience having a studio in this community?

    Kimberly Reyes: This community is so special to me! We have quarterly meet and greets, and it is fascinating how many neighbors have lived here for 25–30 years but only met after running into each other in our studio. Being an integral part of the community and fostering connections is a unique gift we don’t take for granted.

    We also have “Meet the Artist” events and book signings with our fellow neighbors who are artists and authors. Regardless of where my studio has been, I’ve always had these types of events, but this community, specifically, is warm and welcoming. They look out for me—and save me from getting parking tickets, text me at home when there are issues, and greet me warmly with a wave or a honk. We have coffee, people bring their dogs by for treats, or just stop in to share wonderful stories and great conversation. We feel a tremendous sense of community; they have been absolutely supportive and lovely!

    GGBA: How were you introduced to the GGBA?

    Kimberly Reyes: As a speaker, I’ve spoken on large stages worldwide and was the interior designer and front person for

    About ten years ago, while in that role, I was introduced to the GGBA and started attending meetings as a guest. When I moved into the Castro area, I wanted to be more active and support the organization, so I became a member.

    GGBA: What does it mean to you, and why is it so important to support GGBA?

    Kimberly Reyes: I wholeheartedly believe in the mission and what GGBA stands for; they do great work. I’ve met wonderful people through the GGBA, and it’s crucial to be active and give back to the community that has supported me.

    At KRI, we continue to support the LQBTQ community and have a unique twist on an LGBTQ wedding registry. We design a space for the couple, and then instead of giving gifts, people donate to their project to pay for the items the couple has included in their design project. That’s been really fun for us, and couples love it. It’s a beautiful celebration of intentionally joining two homes into one!

    GGBA: Your business is a big part of your life, but what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

    Kimberly Reyes: I love sailing and have been sailing on the bay for about 15 years. I’ve raced for many years and am a member of a local yacht club. I’m also very active in the art community. I was an art docent for a school district and am passionate about architecture. Travel is one way I fulfill my various passions and interests. Turkey was the most amazing trip thus far—I was in awe of the rugs, textiles, art, and architecture.

    Learn more at:

    Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, KRI Home ( is their public showroom and design studio. You will discover new treasures every time you visit, including unique gifts, eclectic furniture, curated one-of-a-kind items, and artwork in various styles.

    Golden Gate Business Association – Member Spotlight
    Published on March 23, 2023