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    ‘King of Haight’ Declared During GGBA’s Annual Holiday Make Contact

    GGBA’s annual Holiday Make Contact for 2019, “Holidays in the Haight,” was held on Tuesday,
    December 10, at Blade Runners Hair Studio (1792 Haight Street). Founder and stylist David Wilson
    and his famous dog Gabriel welcomed guests as they arrived. David received a Certificate of Honor from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for being a community leader, for helping to keep “the Haight Ashbury thriving and vibrant,” and for being among those central to the “neighborhood’s iconic identity.”

    The Board of Supervisors also bestowed the title “King of Haight” on Instagram star and friend to
    all Gabriel, who sniffed the document and barked his approval. The Certificate of Honor for him
    reads, in part: “Over the years, you have graced the entrance to Blade Runners Hair Studio with your glorious presence. Your ever-welcoming service to your subjects, the residents of the Haight, and visitors alike is greatly valued, and will be remembered in perpetuity.”

    Published on December 19, 2019