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    Nothing Sweeter Than Sweetbriar

    In this edition of “Gems of the Bay” I am proud to bring you the multifaceted and talented Bebe Sweetbriar. “I’m honored that the fans allow me to do what I love to do,” Bebe says.

    Born in Sacramento to the loving parents of Joan and Ace Junious, Bebe has 2 sisters and 1 brother and is the youngest of the family. Bebe was introduced to music by her family. They are deeply rooted in music. One of her sisters was a back-up/studio singer for Motown, while her others siblings played musical instruments and sang. Bebe started doing musical theater at age 5. She remembers sharing the stage with Molly Ringwald at a kids’ summer music program. Bebe plays the trumpet, trombone and baritone horn. She is fluent in reading both treble clef and bass clef music.

    After attending high school, Bebe stepped away from music to pursue college, a corporate career, and to start a family. She has two daughters: Alessandra and Cydney. Bebe then joined a band called Mahogany Dream, which was together for 4 years. After that she started a band named Second Identity that was together for 2 years. Bebe had been away from music for 15 years until the yearning to perform drew her back with a new sense of self. She explains, “Drag gave me the niche I needed to start writing and performing my own original creations.”

    Upon her return to the music industry, Bebe befriended local talent DJ Pornstar and made him her main DJ at several of her local charitable events. This newfound relationship would prove to be a unique one and the two started composing together. This led to a single titled “Save Me.” This single did fairly well and got airplay on then Gaydar Radio’s playlist for a while. The success led to her second hit, “Free to Be Me,” which did extremely well on Gaydar Radio play list in the top 20 for 16 weeks. Since then, Bebe has released 6 singles.

    Bebe is a multi-talented artist who sings, hosts, writes a column, and is an actor, interviewer and songwriter. She is currently working on a new single with rapper/singer and songwriter Eli Mars. Called “Up Against the Wall,” it is scheduled for release in the fall of 2013. “It’s a little more sexy than people are used to from me,” Bebe says.

    Bebe is also the host of an Internet TV show called LGBTQ Red Carpet, where she interviews high profile artists and politicians at major events on the red carpet. I asked Bebe what advice she would give to the next generation of artists. “Try not to think too big,” she shares. “Take little successful steps. I’m not saying don’t reach for the stars, but reach for the stars closest to you. Taking little steps gets you more exposure and serves up more self confidence.” For more info: and

    Photo by Michael Helms

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