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    Now This is News!

    karenI have not written this column for a while. Life suddenly got really busy and a little crazy and I had a hard time finding my inspiration…Not quite “writer’s block.” More like, “What can I say that hasn’t been said already?”

    Well, as we all know, life has a way of kicking us back into gear, and I am so grateful for that. These days it is really a challenge to find serenity and peace, qualities of life that we yearn for and yet they seem hard to attain.

    Upon closer examination, I uncovered some of the reasons for the anxiety that I feel, particularly after reading my Facebook news feed,, or hearing the “news,” since I don’t allow myself to watch it on television. At every turn, there are disturbing and frightening events that make one wonder if it’s even safe to go outside.

    Frankly, I’ve had enough!!! And since I truly believe that the “pen is mightier than the sword,” I’ve composed a rant disguised as a poem that I’d like to share with you so that I can get back to the business of living and enjoying life again now that warmer weather is upon us. So here goes! Feel free to rant right back at me or send some positive affirmations my way! Right now, I am using Louise Hays’ mantra: “All is well in my world!” And it is!

    Karen Williams does not watch the news on TV! Please check out her website for the International Institute of Humor and Healing Arts,