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    Producer and Performer Tweaka Turner, aka Michael Cerchiai, Takes Music to the Stratosphere

    kippyThere are many aspects to the music industry. And within this industry there are singers, musicians, dancers, choreographers, promoters, make-up artists, costumers, advertisers, engineers, producers…the list goes on. Someone who is skilled in many of these areas is San Francisco’s own multi-talented “Space Tranny” and producer Tweaka Turner, aka Michael Cerchiai.

    I first met Tweaka at the old Deco Lounge at a fundraiser where she was painted all in silver. She was serving us some unique DJ magic. I was blown away, and knew that I was gonna have me some fun! Tweaka was playing fantastic disco beats with a space tranny” twist. Her showmanship was in a class of its own.

    Michael was born in New York and has always had a knack for music. His first musical experience goes way back to the fifth grade, when he wrote his first song: “I’d Like to Teach the World to Read.” I asked Michael why he loves music so much and he said, “Music moves me more than most things in the world. The feelings starts deep within my soul and I am thankful.”

    In the sixth grade, Michael started DJ-ing at his school’s gymnasium using portable 45 players while his classmates danced. Michael said, “I remember playing that disco classic ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor and being threatened by the stoners, but nothing could stop me. I was hooked and have DJ’d ever since. This taught my ear how a good pop song is put together.”


    Michael was also a talented gymnast, and won a first place medal in the floor exercise by performing to the disco tune “Knock on Wood” by Amii Stewart. Michael then went on to State University of New York-Purchase College, where he received top honors in song writing and where he studied drawing and oil painting.

    Michael moved to San Francisco in 2008 after making frequent visits here since 1997. Michael always knew San Francisco would be his home. He has never been happier before living here. He told me how he loves and appreciates all of the area’s unique and talented individuals, as well as the inspiring vistas and opportunities for musical growth.

    Since arriving in San Francisco, Michael has been diligently working in the music industry. He has written many songs and music leaning toward the house/progressive genre, and has worked with recording artists like Gypsy Love (who is also an astrologer for the Bay Times), Raquela, Amoray, Sheena Rose and Motown legend Mary Wilson. Michael has had great success with many major record pool charts and continues to grow within the industry. Michael told me, “I’ve never been more passionate about creating fierce dance music and working with such amazing artists.”

    Currently, Michael is working on a project with Raquela entitled “Summertime,” which is slated for release in a few months. Michael is also doing two re-mixes for the artist Amoray to be released later this summer. Michael additionally is a radio personality who hosts the weekly “House of Pride Radio Show” with the fantastic Pearl Teese every Wednesday for LGBT live streaming radio. Michael said, “My goals are to have a Billboard charting dance song and to win a Grammy.” I think Michael will achieve them!

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