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    Giving Guide Assists With Year-End Donations to LGBT Orgs

    givingguideDeb Stallings, Director of Development at Horizons Foundation, tells us that Horizons has created a great tool to help donors make tax deductible year-end gifts to the LGBT community, though “for most people it’s far less about the tax-deduction than about the good feeling that comes from supporting causes we care about during this season of giving,” she says.

    “It’s also one of the most hectic times of the year for many folks, so we created the QGiving Guide, a printed and online resource to help connect donors to great organizations,” Stallings continued.

    The Guide lists over 120 LGBT organizations throughout the Bay Area that work across the spectrum of the community, including arts and culture, civil rights, health and human services, community building and spirituality.

    Stallings says providing philanthropic counseling to help donors decide how and where to give is one of the best parts of her work at Horizons. “It’s a real honor to help people put their passion and compassion into action. Think what we could accomplish if we all did that!”

    To view the guide, please go to: