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    Random Acts of Thinking

    karen‘Tis the time for thinking about stuff, like how is 2015 gonna be different from, and better than, 2014. Well, I had a great last year, and I am nurturing random acts of thinking, meaning that I am allow myself some free time to ruminate.

    I’m all for exercising the body, and it seems that the mind needs some exercising too. So here are some thoughts I want to share. Rather than “Aha!” moments, I call these my “Hmmm…” spaces. They’re just a little less sparkly, and a wee bit more chewy. Enjoy!

    Hmmm One

    Some Rhetorical Questions for the Day!

    What’s wrong with being quiet?

    Speaking when spoken to

    Self-reflecting before blaming

    Respecting privacy

    Treating others like you want to be treated

    Taking time to one’s self


    Random acts of self-absorption

    Being kind to yourself


    Baking from scratch

    Sewing? Embroidering? Tatting? Knitting? Crocheting?

    (I lost everyone under 50 with this last group…LOL)

    Laughing Out Loud


    Kissing some more

    Taking a long, long bath

    Reading until you fall asleep

    Soft pillows


    Holding hands

    What’s wrong with being silly?

    Hmmm Two

    Why don’t we lynch hatred?

    Rape poverty

    Molest ignorance

    Murder injustice

    Kill apathy

    Why don’t we kick the s–t out of greed?

    Why do we waste so much valuable time and energy on things that don’t really matter out of fear that, if we really work on things that do, we’ll somehow lose ourselves?

    Find passion

    Lose ego

    Find joy

    Lose helplessness

    Find wisdom

    Lose mindlessness

    Find you

    Gain me

    Unite us


    Hmmm Three

    It’s okay to nurture joy and laughter.

    We all face the harsh realities of life!

    Shakymuni Buddha said no one escapes the four sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death.

    Nichiren Daishonin took it a step further and said that, although suffering is a part of life, we are here to enjoy our lives.

    I enjoy my life…

    Don’t hate me or resent me or express jealousy towards me for that!

    Join me and let’s enjoy life together, creatively learning how to win over ourselves, change our destiny, and be happy, sharing our happiness and joy with other living beings!

    What a wonderful, wonder-filled way to live!

    Karen Williams thinks that thinking about stuff is important. For more information about Karen, please visit