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    Ready for Her, continued

    donnaDonna Sachet:

    “My strong support of Hillary Clinton for the next President of the United States comes from her unprecedented experience for the job. Who else has spent 8 years in the White House as First Lady, four years in the United States Senate as Senator to New York, four years as Secretary of State traveling the globe representing this country and building relationships, and several years previously running a Presidential campaign with great success?

    Each of these specific positions, and many less defined ones in her life, have better prepared Hillary Clinton for the office of President than any individual alive today. As I reflect upon her evolving opinions on matters of LGBT concern, especially as revealed in her speech to the United Nations a few years ago as Secretary of State when she clearly identified our rights as human rights, there is little doubt that our community will be fully integrated into her agenda for the country and the world.

    I can clearly see a world with Hillary Clinton as President of the United States, and can’t wait for her election and administration.”

    Donna Sachet, honored as “The First Lady of San Francisco” by California State Senator Mark Leno, is a singer, performer, community activist and fundraiser. For more information, please visit

    miguelMiguel Bustos:

    “We find ourselves at a wonderful moment in history. Equality and acceptance seem to be happening all around us, as was evident with the recent Marriage Equality Supreme Court decision and the acceptance of open Transgender military service members. Even though these are great strides towards equality, there is much more work for full equality that needs to be done. We must work harder for gender equality, especially in roles of leadership and public office.

    Throughout history, men have been the leaders, presidents, and dominant forces that ruled.

    I think it is past time that women are in positions that can lead us towards a better future. Currently, we have very smart, experienced, and phenomenal women running for higher office. I find the idea exciting of being represented by brilliant, accomplished, and forward-thinking women, such as Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton. As men, we should encourage and support greater participation of women in leadership and elected offices. It is time to help open doors for greater gender equality.

    With women leading us, there is hope for a better future!”

    Miguel Bustos is a gay Latino and community activist in the Mission District, where he was born and raised.

    peggyPeggy Moore:

    “Democrats need someone who can galvanize us to a win, and Hillary can win fully.

    From 16 million Americans who now have access to medical services through Affordable Health Care to marriage equality and ending the compulsory discharges of our service members through Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, President Obama’s leadership has helped to uplift the lives of our citizenry while facing significant stressors and roadblocks. Democratic leadership benefits all our communities as opposed to a fortunate few, and that really touches the lives of our middle class and marginalized communities. With a June primary looming, people are declaring their intentions to run for the Presidential seat, and while we respect their values, we must keep progressive ideals in the game if we’re to build on the successes of the last seven years.

    It took [President Obama] a while to discern the best path for our country, just like with our families sometimes it takes them a while to understand us. Ultimately, he has been a strong leader and has shown himself to be the President for whom thousands campaigned and millions voted. As excited as I was for the first Black sitting President, I’m equally excited for the first female leadership in the White House, and Hillary has what it takes to keep us moving forward.”

    Peggy Moore is a Senior Advisor in the Office of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. From 2008–2012, she was California Political Director of Obama for America. Phoenix Jackson interviewed Moore for the “San Francisco Bay Times.”

    markMark Abramson:

    “Amid the recent celebrations of positive Supreme Court decisions, I think we need to remember how these cases might have turned out if a Democrat had not won the last two Presidential elections. In 2008, I heard some die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters vow that if Barack Obama got the nomination, they just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for him. I hope they changed their minds.

    These days, I hear a similar tune from some wild-eyed Bernie Sanders supporters. I like a lot of what he says and I agree with him on almost everything. I think he will be good for the entire process, whether he gets the nomination or not.

    What bothers me is hearing from people on the left who say they “hate Hillary Clinton,” or that they “really hate the Clintons” and insist that they could never vote for Hillary. I wonder if they believe the country would have been better off if George H. W. Bush had won a second term, or if we had elected a President Bob Dole.

    I am looking forward to seeing how things unfold over the next several months. The Republican debates should be entertaining enough to bring about a popcorn shortage across the land. It looks like Hillary Clinton will most likely win the Democratic nomination, but it could be Bernie Sanders or even someone else. Anything could happen between now and November of 2016.

    All I am saying is that I hope we can all hold back on the hate speech. Let’s direct our anger at those who hate us. The far right is filled with them, and the Republican presidential candidates will do all they can to appeal to their base of racists and homophobes.

    When the Democratic Party chooses its candidate, I intend to get behind him or her 100%. Remember that our next president may end up appointing as many as three replacements to the Supreme Court. Remember how good it feels to celebrate when their decisions come down on our side.”

    Castro-based author Mark Abramson is the creator of the popular “Beach Reading” book series,


    lanceOn June 25, 2015, Dustin Lance Black gave a passionate speech in support of Hillary Clinton at an LGBT Pride Reception in San Francisco. At the fundraiser, organized by Judy Dlugacz and Claire Lucas, Black spoke about the challenges his disabled mother faced while raising him and his brothers, and how that made such a strong impact on his life. Black posted this photo of himself with Clinton just this week.