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    Reflecting Upon Our Half Century

    reflectingBy John F. Weber, Emperor XXVI

    On behalf of the Imperial Council of San Francisco, Inc. Board of Directors, it is with special honor that I congratulate Emperor John Paul Soto and Empress Misty Blue for a very successful reign this past year. Together, members of the Legacy, Traditions and Shenanigans Court have redefined and committed themselves to the principles of charitable giving through fundraising and placing community first set forth by our Founder and Empress I, Mama José Sarria. This is also reflective of the fact that Emperor John Paul Soto and Misty Blue have helped to raise valuable funds for very deserving local, charitable, non-profit organizations.

    As the chair of the ICSF Inc. Board of Directors, I am honored to have been elected to lead our organization into its 50th anniversary year. I also acknowledge each court and Imperial Family member for helping to graciously usher in our organization’s Golden Jubilee with grace and excellence.

    As I reflect upon a half century of our Imperial organization, I recognize that we have overcome many challenges. However, one thing continually rings true: There is strength in our collective work towards a common goal. Let’s continue to re-commit and work even harder toward this guiding principle of collective teamwork. Together, let’s celebrate our diversity and all that we have achieved as the Founding Mother Court of the International Court System.

    John F. Weber is Chairman of the Imperial Council of San Francisco, Inc. Board of Directors. His Court title is Emperor XXVI After Norton of San Francisco.