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    Sam and Julia Thoron: Beacons of Hope During Difficult Times

    By Nancy McDonald

    samandjuliaSam and Julia are the National role models for starting and sustaining a local PFLAG sat2Chapter. They have taught all of us so much, and have never hesitated one moment to extend their hands to help. They have been beacons of hope, as sometimes the struggle for equal rights for our family members and friends has been dark and filled with despair.

    Personally, I have had the opportunity to work with Sam at the national level, and his voice has always been one of reason. Julia and Sam have shown us exuberant love beyond belief, as well as compassion for the work of PFLAG.

    I applaud and salute their work. May they enjoy their retirement from the front lines of the work of PFLAG.


    Hugs, Nancy McDonald

    Nancy McDonald is past president of PFLAG National.