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    Samar Hattar: Wedding Planner Extraordinaire

    reverendLast month I had the pleasure of officiating a wedding that was orchestrated exquisitely by Samar Hattar of Blissful Events ( This was a rare treat for me, as I have had only 2 or 3 weddings in 11 years where the couple used a wedding planner.

    I interviewed Samar about her work because I was so enchanted with not only the way every detail was handled, but also with her sweet yet firm manner with everyone involved: the couple, the family members, the wedding party, the musicians, DJ, servers, photographers and everyone else, including me.

    Rev. Elizabeth River: What do you most love about your work?

    Samar Hattar: I love love! I love relationships and developing one with a couple long before the wedding—being able to help them bring their love out into the world in a beautiful wedding. I have never had a bride-zilla; they’ve all been kind, cooperative, and receptive to my ideas.

    Rev. Elizabeth River: What do your clients tell you about their wedding? What do they thank you for?

    Samar Hattar: I hear things like: “We felt so relaxed and at ease all through the process.” “We felt taken care of; we didn’t have to worry about anything on our Big Day.” (Samar also told me every couple should feel like their wedding was perfect, even if it wasn’t really without flaws. Many couples still felt as if it had been perfect, and they were totally delighted.)

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    Rev. Elizabeth River: What kinds of questions do you ask couples?

    Samar Hattar: I really want to know about them—everything they want me to know so I can make their exact dream come true. I ask, “What are your top three things that you absolutely have to have in your wedding?” And then I do everything in my power to manifest them. I also ask them, “What would your perfect wedding day look like?” Then I work to make that happen, all through the day, so they not only do not worry, but they also relax and have fun, and so do their guests.

    Rev. Elizabeth River: Have you had a really unusual or out-of-the-ordinary wedding? What was it like?

    Samar Hattar: Yes, I created a special wedding for a couple from 2 different cultures: a Jewish groom and a Persian bride. In the Jewish part of the ceremony, the couple stood under the chuppah and the Rabbi led the traditional Jewish ceremony, except the pronouncement. For the Persian part of the ceremony, they went back down the aisle to a table covered with sweets, with all the guests gathered around. The couple fed each other little bites from the table while the guests put cones of sugar on a veil held over their heads to ensure sweetness in the couple’s marriage.

    Then they did a great humorous ritual. The Persian officiant asked the bride if she really wanted to marry this guy and the first two times, she said “no.” Finally she said, “Oh, okay, I guess I’ll marry him!” Everyone, including the bride and groom, laughed uproariously.

    Finally, the Rabbi and the Persian officiant both pronounced them a married couple, and the groom broke the glass.

    I was so impressed with Samar. I can’t say enough about her creativity, her sense of style, her way with people, and her calm manner while handling 19 different things at once. If you decide to use a wedding coordinator, Samar Hattar is your girl! I highly recommend her as your wedding planner.

    Please check out to see more photos from this delightful wedding, or check out Samar’s Facebook page at

    Rev. Elizabeth River is an ordained interfaith minister and wedding officiant in the North Bay. Please visit or look for Marin Coast Weddings on Facebook.