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    SF Pride Announces Parade Award Winners

    prizeOn Tuesday, SF Pride announced the recipients of this year’s 2015 Pride Parade Awards. The San Francisco Bay Times/Betty’s List contingent is honored to be among the winners! Thanks again to everyone who participated in our group, which was named an “Absolutely Fabulous Musical Contingent.” Thanks also to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for assembling a diverse panel of judges, and to Kevin Yoza who videotaped all of the contingents for SF Pride. (You can see those clips over at YouTube.)

    Our contingent’s theme this year was Women’s Music, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the National Women’s Music Festival and the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. We had the most Women’s Music stars ever to appear, and perform, in a Pride Parade contingent!

    We loved being in the Parade again, and congratulate all of the other winners in the following categories:


    Absolutely Fabulous

    (Great emotional content, message or outstanding presentation)

    Scouts for Equality, Golden Gate Chapter

    Hospice by the Bay

    Transgender Law Center

    San Francisco Ducal Court

    Project Open Hand


    Absolutely Outrageous

    (The unexpected, over the top, brilliant, unique)

    AIDS Emergency Fund / Breast Cancer Emergency Fund

    United in Spirit

    City of Oakland and Oakland Pride with Libby Schaaf, Mayor

    Youth Pride Coalition/Next Generation Scholars

    ACLU of Northern California


    Absolutely Fabulous Street Act

    (Best routine, skit, props, creative, crowd response)

    Rhythm and Motion Dance Program and ODC School

    San Francisco LGBT Community Center

    Atheist Groups of the Bay Area

    Buddhist Church of San Francisco

    Imperial Council of San Francisco, Inc.


    Absolutely Fabulous Marching Contingent

    (Two or more people walking, marching, no float or vehicle)

    San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band

    Latinos de Ambiente

    Asexual Visibility and Education Network


    University of San Francisco


    Absolutely Fabulous Musical Contingent

    (Group with live music, chorus or music as an important element)


    URJ Camp Newman

    Batala San Francisco

    San Francisco Bay Times/Betty’s List

    San Francisco Department of Public Health


    Absolutely Fabulous Theme Contingent

    (Who best incorporates the theme “Equality Without Exception”)


    AIDS Housing Alliance

    Black Brothers Esteem

    Straights for Gay Rights

    Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits


    And last but not least, the 2015 nominees for Absolutely Fabulous Overall Contingent are:

    Straights for Gay Rights

    Kamala Harris, CA Attorney General

    Rhythm and Motion Dance Program and ODC School

    Latinos de Ambiente

    Batala San Francisco