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    SFGSL Softball: More Than Just a Game

    By Liz Gonzales–

    Having played softball for most of my life, I have always enjoyed the camaraderie that forms among teammates, but it wasn’t until I joined the Women’s+ Division in the San Francisco Gay Softball League (SFGSL) that I learned what it meant to belong to a community. The league brings together a group of diverse people who not only share their love for the game, but also form friendships and connections that impact their lives in a way they never knew possible.

    How has playing in the Women’s+ division in the SFGSL impacted my life?

    1. I play the sport I love as an adult.
    2. I meet people from other cities, states, and countries.
    3. I travel nationally and internationally to compete in tournaments.
    4. I have met people whom I now call family.

    Softball is a competitive sport, and the thrill of competing against other teams never gets old, but for me, winning or losing isn’t as important as the journey we took to get there. I have learned from the Women’s+ division that there is a place for everyone to play. Whether you are 18 or 81 years old, there is a spot for you.

    Also, I continue challenging myself both physically and mentally—playing different positions, fine-tuning my fielding skills, and finding new joy in playing the sport. Softball has tested my strengths, weaknesses, and patience, but overall the memories made are worth the bruises.

    At the end of a game, I can look around and see not only my team but also a safe space that allows me to be me and play the game I love.

    Liz Gonzales is the Secretary for the San Francisco Gay Softball League:

    Published on August 26, 2021