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    Singer, Dancer Marco Middlesex Sends Out Positive Energy

    kippyI am excited to introduce performing artist Marco Middlesex to you. Marco is a glorious mix of Irish and Italian decent, and is a person of strength and wisdom. He has a humorous nature with a positive attitude for living. And who could forget his dimples? They tend to draw audiences comfortably into the loving and spiritual web that he spins.

    Born into a Navy family to parents Lorraine and Michael Diamambro, Marco’s earliest years were spent in Atco, New Jersey. He is an only child. When Marco was two years old, his father received orders that he would be stationed overseas in Europe. What was supposed to be just a four-year tour of duty expanded into sixteen years, with Marco experiencing an extraordinary cultured life and education in England, Scotland and Ireland.

    While attending school in Europe, Marco excelled in the arts. He says, “I have always had an extreme passion for music and creative writing.” When his father retired in 1986, the family returned to the United States and relocated to the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

    After years of working and living in Philadelphia, Marco moved to San Francisco with his then partner Steve in 1994. They lived in the Western Addition. Both created a home and lived happily together for several years until Steve died. After the death, Marco poured his energy and emotions into his other great love: entertaining people. Marco explains, “I live for, and I love to, sing, dance and perform, and to promote and express feelings of affection, hope and fun for everyone who will share and listen.”

    In 2010, Marcos’ career began to take an upward swing. He found himself performing for many charitable fundraisers throughout San Francisco. These performances caught the attention of P.A. Cooley, who was casting for a new short-run musical called “Bearlesque.” Marco subsequently was featured in the musical.

    In 2011, Marco founded a production company, MXM Artisan Agency. With the company, Marco pays it forward to his fellow artist and entertainment groups. He says, “I am a stoic believer in the universe’s ultimate justice, Karma. I always endeavor to put out good and positive energy into the universe and to treat others with respect and courtesy; everyone deserves this.”

    Marco has recorded three original songs: “Free Yourself to Love,” produced by Leo Frappier of Hit Save Music and featuring Raquela and Xavier Toscano; “In Deep and Dance” [Independence], also produced by Leo Frappier and Hit Save Music; and “All that I Am,” which is scheduled for release in October 2013. Marco has recorded two cover tunes that charted well on the Reverbnation dance charts, “Frozen” by Madonna and “Touch Me” by Ryan Tedder and Bonnie McKee.

    Marco is also an avid lover of animals and works for a non-profit, caring for Chihuahuas and searching for homes for them.

    For more information about Marco and his music, please visit:,,,

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