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    Sister Dana sez, “Happy Birthday on May 22 to the late great Supervisor Harvey Milk!”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun–

    Sister Dana sez, “Happy Birthday on May 22 to the late great Supervisor Harvey Milk! We will remember and honor your queer activism that helped to change our world for the better!”

    Harvey’s messages of Community and Hope seem even more relevant these days. So, there is still reason to celebrate, but as you might expect, WINDOWS FOR HARVEY will look a little different. This year, there will still be a few works of art from local artists, but they will all be on display in the window at the HRC Campaign Store at 575 Castro (the site of Harvey’s old camera store). Castro Merchants is partnering with the Castro CBD, the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, and the SF Queer Nightlife Fund to celebrate Harvey’s 90th birthday on Friday, May 22, from 6 pm–9 pm. Be sure to watch their Facebook and Instagram channels for more info, and check out

    Just a reminder that MEMORIAL DAY is on Monday, May 25. I know that all the days in May seem to be running together during these isolation daze. But here’s some info. Memorial Day is a U.S. federal holiday, commemorating those who have died in military service to their country. It is observed annually on the last Monday of May. Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day—an occasion to decorate the graves of the war dead—and was created in the aftermath of the American Civil War.

    Here’s a new, clever C-19 parody of one man singing all four parts of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.”

    TMIM Emperor William Bulkley and Empress Mimi Osa THE IMPERIAL COURT OF THE MAJESTIC GOLDEN GATE in conjunction with Emperor XLVI Leandro Gonzales present “TAMALE TIME 2020!” Pork, chicken, or veggie tamales now through June 12, delivery or pickup in San Francisco. Net proceeds benefit SAN FRANCISCO NIGHT MINISTRY‘s COVID-19 Relief Services.

    NCLR will not be able to host their iconic in-person ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION on May 30. But there will be a newly imagined virtual event to be live-streamed on the same date, with the same great stories and content that would have been in the Ballroom of the San Francisco Marriott Marquis. And save the date for NCLR’s Anniversary Celebration Party on November 21at the Metreon City View for the most epic dance party ever!

    Senator Scott Wiener has introduced SB 932, requiring the State to collect data on coronavirus’ health impacts on the LGTBQ Community, including infection, hospitalization, ICU, recovery, and mortality rates. Currently, California collects data on COVID-19’s impacts on different races/ethnicities; SB 932 would expand this data collection to include the LGBTQ community. BTW, congratulations to Senator Scott, who just turned 50!

    Sister Dana sez, “It was extremely reckless that Trump was thinking about shutting down the Coronavirus Task Force as the pandemic rages on! But I would like to request that the CTF would omit Trump and his ranting.”

    On May 13, mayors from cities across the nation—supported by San Francisco Mayor London Breed and spearheaded by the San Francisco Arts Alliance, an alliance of arts organizations working with the San Francisco arts and culture sector to ensure community arts needs are met on a federal, state, and local level—sent a joint letter to Congress in support of funding for the arts and culture sector in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Openly gay actor/activist George Takei has a brilliant idea to trick Trump supporters into following commonsense guidelines for slowing the spread of coronavirus during the global pandemic. He wants to start a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 turns people gay!

    Sister Dana sez, “A slight bonus for me, during this awful isolation, is my fetish coming to life on TV: men are growing their beards and wearing eyeglasses. For instance, openly gay Channel 7 weathercaster Drew Tuma is HAWT!!!”

    Adam Lambert and Queen inspire me with their emotional tribute to the frontline warriors with “You Are the Champions.”

    Great news from my dear friend Juanita MORE! The SF QUEER NIGHTLIFE FUND, for which we Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence held an Easter Fundraiser Hunky Jesus/Foxy Mary contest, has disbursed its first round of grants to 176 applicants. The fund has received over $160,000 in donations. Thank you to all who have supported nightlife workers. There are still more applicants in need, so please donate what you can.

    Sister Dana sez, “May 6 marked the 8th anniversary of Joe Biden publicly supporting marriage equality on national television. That showed the kind of forward-thinking leadership Biden will bring to the presidency—and the heartfelt and clear support he has for LGBTQ people and our dream of FULL equality.”

    Trump called the entire $3 trillion House coronavirus relief bill “dead on arrival” because it includes vote-by-mail, saying, “They want to be able to make sure that Republicans can’t win an election by putting in all sorts of mail-in ballots.”

    How can we enjoy pleasure while staying present with grief and suffering? “As we welcome Spring in the Bay Area, our hearts simultaneously hold grief and pleasure,” writes Preston Vargas, PhDBLACK BROTHERS ESTEEM coordinator at SF AIDS Foundation. “Allowing ourselves to welcome these conflicting emotions deepens our resilience and healing.” Please do read his comforting words.

    Sister Dana sez, “I am so sick of these blatantly, pandering, corona-based TV commercials. No, Toyota, we are NOT in this together!”

    GLBT HISTORICAL SOCIETY presents FIGHTING BACK: Treatment and Research Activism online forum on May 27, 6 pm–7:30 pm. A panel of activists, policymakers, researchers, and historians will examine how the lessons learned from fighting for HIV/AIDS treatment and research might help in the fight against COVID-19. More information at:

    Registration available online at

    “I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO” by SF LESBIAN/GAY FREEDOM BAND (shelter-in-place edition) features the gorgeous voice of my dear friend Leanne Borghesi.

    Sister Dana sez, “Did you know that our U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 7, specifies ‘to establish Post Offices’? Yet Trump & Co. want to defund our post offices and thus eliminate voting by mail. Treason!”

    In YOUR Alley: Folsom Street Events Virtual Survey is online. FOLSOM STREET EVENTS are generating a myriad of ways to bring Up Your Alley and Folsom Street Fair streaming onto the internet, and they want to hear from you! How would you like Folsom Street Events to come into your home? Those interested can take their survey at

    For all us Babs fans, Barbra Streisand has issued a re-release of her original “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with gut-wrenching stills of first responders. I am especially touched, because just before going on the SF AIDS WALK (now canceled because of coronavirus) we sang that heart-stirring song.

    The Boston Pops Orchestra, under the direction of Keith Lockhart, performs a stirring musical video tribute, SUMMON THE HEROES—featuring the work originally composed by John Williams for the 1996 Olympic Games—as a tribute to today’s first responders. Williams joins the virtual tribute with a musical and spoken introduction taped from his home studio in Los Angeles.

    The 83RD STERN GROVE FESTIVAL has been canceled. The Bay Area’s original free outdoor music festival was initially scheduled to take place on Sundays from June 14 through August 16. This summer, in place of canceled performances, the Festival is creating BEST OF THE FEST, a virtual video series featuring highlights from the Festival’s vast library of concert footage from the past 13 years.

    You can stream 11 THEATRE RHINOCEROS SHOWS any time you want! For free. Theatre Rhinoceros is the world’s longest-running continuously producing professional queer theater.

    PRIDE AT WORK mourns the passing on May 12 of Aimee Stephen, the plaintiff in a Supreme Court case that could decide if it is legal to fire transgender working people for being their authentic selves. Stephens’ case was argued before the Supreme Court in October 2019 and the decision will be handed down before the end of the Court’s term in June. Pride at Work Executive Director, Jerame Davis, issued the following statement: “Like so many LGBTQ working people, Aimee just wanted to do her job and be her authentic self. Her fight for equality gave hope to transgender working people around the country and provided inspiration to all LGBTQ working people. Aimee’s fight continues as the Court could rule any day on her case. We must take up the fight she cannot finish and ensure every LGBTQ working person can obtain the dignity and respect they deserve.”

    Sister Dana sez, “What a shame that founding-father of rock ‘n roll, Little Richard (dead at 87 and quietly gay), wasn’t as loud in his sexuality as he was in his music. What a fabulous queer role model he could have been.” 

    Published on May 20, 2020