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    Sister Dana sez, “HAPPY EARTH DAY, everyone!”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity, Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun–

    Sister Dana sez, “HAPPY EARTH DAY, everyone! Let us remember to hug and warmly embrace our Mother Earth! Because, according to climate-denying RepubliCAN’T antagonists, we’re just fine as long as we keep exploiting our Mama Planet. NOT!!!”

    “EARTH DAY” is officially every year on April 22. But this one day has thankfully been extended to a full month every year. This year’s Earth Month theme is “Planet vs. Plastics.” Mayor London Breed had already joined the SAN FRANCISCO ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT (SFE), elected and city leaders, and community environmental advocates to celebrate the beginning of Earth Month at City Hall on April 3. “For decades, San Francisco has been at the forefront of the environmental movement, which means we earned our right to celebrate,” said Mayor Breed. “From our first-in-the-nation composting program to our groundbreaking clean energy programs and investments in environmental justice, San Franciscans have a lot to be proud of. We also know we have a long road ahead to achieve our bold carbon reduction goals, and it’s going to take all of us to do our part.”

    The Earth Month Eco-challenge, running from April 1 to April 30, is a 30-day program focused on environmental and social engagement. Earth Month celebrations in San Francisco include the 2ND ANNUAL SF CLIMATE WEEK (April 21–27) that will emphasize the role of unity, innovation, community, and technology in creating a sustainable future among individuals, businesses, community organizations, and entrepreneurs. The inaugural SF Climate Week in 2023 was one of the largest climate gatherings in the world. This year’s programming will include more events and more opportunities to get involved as a way to build a larger coalition to advance climate action.

    Please allow me, dear readers, to do a possibly self-serving yet certainly well-meaning repeat of a paragraph from my previous column warning: “Dozens of conservative organizations have banded together to provide Trump a road map—known as Project 2025—to boost fossil fuels and limit government climate science. Climate Change-denying Trump has already said that boosting fossil fuels would be one of his top priorities. A proposed executive order in Project 2025 offers Trump-tator a path for that goal, laying out a total restructuring of the U.S. Global Change Research Program to diminish its role across more than a dozen federal agencies.”

    Okay, I’m done quoting myself. I’m not a narcissist—I promise. But it had to be said again. We people who inhabit our beloved Earth must not allow politicians to manipulate and/or rape our Dear Mother! She is precious!

    Warning to lovers of democracy: The Trump team is already planting seeds that The Election was stolen—many, many months before it happens. If they can’t win legally, they will cheat. Right now, mid-APRIL, Trump allies (such as Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, and more villains) are hatching a plan to steal the NOVEMBER election if President Biden wins. Sister Dana sez, “Damn those despicable MAGA maggots!” And let’s face it: Trump is far more dangerous this election cycle, because he is trying to stay out of jail!

    Meanwhile, Trump is busy trashing the election opportunity of mail-in ballots. This anti-democracy demon has said mail-in voting is “cheating.” He has called it “automatic fraud.” He has declared it a “disaster.” He has insisted it creates “corrupt elections.” Over and over and over—he spouts how he wants to do away with the mail-in option!

    Sister Dana sez, “Trump has become lazy in his negative name-calling. He called the former presidential candidate as “CROOKED” Hillary Clinton. Now he is calling current presidential second-term candidate as “CROOKED” Joe Biden. Get another adjective, LAZY LOUSY Donnie!”

    RFK Jr. was on CNN on April 1 saying, “Biden is a threat to Democracy,” because he claims he was censored by the CDC for his false vaccine claims. But that started in early 2020 under Trump. Sister Dana sez, “Don’t believe this APRIL FOOL and his falsification of facts! He will go down as the worst presidential candidate spoiler ever!”

    How has the Gaza war (now in its sixth month) affected needed meal deliveries? We are recently mourning the attack of Israeli drones on clearly lettered trucks from “World Central Kitchen.” Israel’s Autocratic Prime Minister BB-brain Nuttin’Yahoo blithely explained, “This happens in wartime.” No, no it does not just happen. He called this a “grave mistake.” This was no mistake. Seven aid worker volunteers (one an American) were targeted and killed. It’s a fact: human beings should have food and water. Period. Yet more than 200 aid workers have been killed in Gaza since the war between Israel and Hamas began. Food is not a weapon. Ceasefire now! WCK’s founder José Andrés calls on Israel to “Stop killing civilians and aid workers!” I hope we can find it in our hearts to donate to this more than worthy cause, World Central Kitchen. It does not take sides; it just delivers. So far, WCK has delivered 1.75 million hot meals across Israel and 43 million meals in Gaza.

    Sister Dana sez, “Ousted former House Speaker McCarthy recently praising Rep. Marjie ‘TeeGee’ Greene is like a horribly mangled accident victim saying to the guy who ran over him: ‘I still think you’re an excellent driver.’ Whaaat? Call in the irony police, please!”  

    SF Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin, who we’ve known is running for SF mayor for over a month now, was finally ready to make his official announcement, but first he leaked it to KPIX and KGO news. Peskin reportedly said he plans to run a “positive” campaign; and the Mayor Breed campaign is already trashing him. Peskin’s official campaign launch was April 6 at Portsmouth Square in the heart of Chinatown and the heavily Chinese district that Peskin supervises and is no doubt counting on as Breed’s popularity with Asians seems to dwindle. Sister Dana sez, “This is now a 5-way race, but I am not even naming those three moderates—we need progressives ONLY!”

    Presented every first Sunday by ARTYHOOD.SF, ArtGasm features the Castro’s fabulous, and fiercest queens & queers at Noe and Market Streets, noon–6 pm. I went on April 7 for this block party art-fest of queer unadulterated joy! The delightful drag show began with femcee Per Sia lip-synchingthe hell outta Gwen Stefani’s hit medleys such as “Just a Girl.” Then the founder of CASTRO COMMUNITY ON PATROL, Greggy, spoke of CCOP’s recent loss of funds from internal embezzlement (which  this  Sister  of Perpetual Indulgence knows way too well). Greggy was acting as security for ArtGasm—as well as keeping all of Castro relatively safe. Next up was Crop Top in pink leoparddoing Debby Harry’s “Call Me” and some version of “Tainted Love.” She really took us back a few decades! Cool! Next, out struttedmustachioed Meat Flap in all-macho cowboy gear (plus a pink ten-gallon hat) giving us “Born This Way” (but not Lady Gaga’s version—a male singer; Carl Bean did the original). Closing the first half of the show was Vendetta in fabulous faux fur being a girl doing “I Wanna Be That Guy.” Ahem! That title could be wrong—but the performance was sooo right! This drag show was full-tilt fantastic, courtesy of the superior spinnings by my Krewe de Kinque buddy DJ Sergio Fedasz. And I was thrilled to meet up with artist friends: photographers JB Higgins and  Gooch, plus The Verasphere including Mrs. Vera (David Faulk) and Michael Johnstone. See you all at the next ArtGasm on May 5—Cinco de Mayo!

    Dennis McMillan (aka Sister Dana) enjoyed the Stud’s Sneak Peek Party with Chris Michaelson and other friends at the famous bar’s new location, 1123 Folsom Street, on Friday, April 12. (See more on page 38.)

    Reminder: 42ND STREET MOON’s production of the musical FOREVER PLAID runs only from April 18 to May 5 (“Cinco de Mayo”) at San Francisco’s Gateway Theatre, 215 Jackson Street.

    Sister Dana sez, “The long-awaited SOLAR ECLIPSE came and went on April 8. It’s a good thing we don’t live in ancient times, when the sun “disappeared” causing frightened natives to think they had displeased their gods and felt the need to burn sacrificial witches as retribution!”

    On April 8, Trump said that abortion rights should be left up to the states—remarks having finally come after months of mixed signals.

    Sister Dana sez, “Way to straddle the fence just for votes, Donald Chump! You are now and forever a CRIMINAL!”

    In conversation with Baruch Porras Hernandez on April 8 at FABULOSA BOOKS, 489 Castro, Sister Dana was quite privileged to hear a live reading of this amazing funny/sad/ way gay book, BORN TO BE PUBLIC by Greg Mania. This memoir chronicles his life as a “pariah prodigy.” Every queer needs to get this historical, hysterical soft cover treasure. And yes, “Mania” is both his Polish birth-name and now utterly fabulous author name: MANIA! 

    The reception at the Castro MUSEUM by members of the GLBT HISTORICAL SOCIETY on April 11 officially opened their latest exhibition, You Are Here: Claiming Your Place in History. There I got to chat with staff—including Executive Director Roberto Ordeñana, Director of Development and Communications Andrew Shaffer, Senior Manager of Museum xperience Leigh Pfeffer, Development & Events Coordinator Sailor Galaviz, and FinanceDirector Daniel Bao (happily snapping photos with his old-fashioned Polaroid camera).

    After four years of searching, legendary 58-year-old LGBTQ bar  THE STUD has found a new home at 1123 Folsom Street; so news & culture site, 48 Hills, gave us a sneak peek before the official grand opening party later on April 20. We were also celebrating 48 Hills co-founder, Stud co-owner, and local nightlife legend Marke B‘s faux-50th birthday. The night was Drinks! DJ Rolo! Dancing! Drag! and more surprises as we celebrated two great local, independent, and historic institutions.

    The 2024 San Francisco 25th Anniversary EQUALITY AWARDS were given on April 13 at the Fairmont Hotel. Attorney General Rob Bonta welcomed us with both good tidings and bad warnings for our futures. This year’s EQCA co-chairs were: Honorables Bevan Dufty, Rafael Mandelman, Scott Wiener, Jason Chan, and Laura Zagar. And their 25th Anniversary statewide co-chairs were: Honorables Malia Cohen, Ricardo Lara, Fiona Ma, Alex Padilla, and Tony ThurmondEQUALITY CALIFORNIA (EQCA) was thrilled to honor Lyon-Martin Community Health Services with the Community Leadership Award for their dedication to the LGBTQ community. This exciting event was hosted by none other than RuPaul’s Drag Race’s own Coco Montrese! Awards were also given to Rep. Barbara Lee (Vanguard Leadership Award) and Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra (Ally Leadership Award).  

    Join KREWE DE KINQUE King XXI Robert & Queen XXI Vivianne Vixen Rose for HANKY SPANKY—another sexy & fun KDK benefit on April 20, 4–7pm at the Midnight Sun in the Castro! It’s a benefit for the Leather Pride contingent in the SF Pride Parade. At 6 pm we’ll have a contest with a prize for whomever dressed best in with the HANKY SPANKY theme!

    The SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE (SFMT) will present their Concert Festival, a fundraising day of festivities, music, art, dancing, art auction, and more! The all-day event will take place on April 27, 2–10 pm at the historic SFMT Studio at 855 Treat Avenue.

    Sister Dana sez, “Apparently 2024 is the new 1864. Since Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that a 160-year-old 1864 ARCHAIC abortion ban is ENFORCEABLE, they must also rule that only cannons and muskets are allowed as gun rights today!”

    Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun
    Published on April 18, 2024