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    Spring Cleaning for the Lavender Soul

    revBy The Reverend Doctor James C. Lovette-Black

    Spring is in the air, and how sweet it is to see sunshine, enjoy the warmth, and to anticipate the year! The pagan idea of the year is of a great Wheel that turns and on which there are two balance points for natural energies: Samhain (“sow-en”), from October 31 –November 1, and Beltane, from April 30 – May 1, or May Day.

    Samhain represents the final of three great harvests and the time when the Earth literally goes to “ground.” Plants and trees die back or go into a hibernation-like mode, animals hibernate or migrate, and humans complain of a lack of sunshine with good reason. This is a time of grounding, and a season of going within.

    At the Vernal Equinox, known as Ostara, Mother Earth’s energies are rapidly expanding and rising around, in, and through, us as we journey around Sol (the Sun) toward the Beltane Fire and Maypole Dance. On the Wheel of the Year, the beginning of Spring represents stimulation, dynamism, and soaring, as when flora grow, bud, and bloom, while fauna mate, give birth, and migrate. Think about how much more energy you are feeling and why you feel compelled to go outside more. We are lavender fauna in the great Circle of Life.


    A perfect way to start spring cleaning for the soul is to mindfully
    examine one’s home, thinking, and relationships. What needs a deep spring cleaning? What needs to be tossed? How can I change my thinking or relationships so they are more compassionate, authentic, loving, and effective? Consider these life dimensions and note them without censuring (brainstorming). Just two or three ideas could start a purge-and-prune.

    Then, proceed to sitting (considering/contemplating) with each idea about life change and envision what your life will be when the changes are fully realized. This is the outcome you will manifest, so make it as colorful, dynamic, and affirming a mental image as possible. Now, sketch out an action plan with a few steps that you can, and will, actually take. Put your life action plan for Spring into play, with Summer Solstice as a good evaluation point for checking out if it is effective or not and make indicated revisions. Finally, create space for honoring your work. Practice gratitude to the universe from which life has arisen.


    As for cleaning in the mundane world, this is a great time to bring out the apple cider vinegar and baking soda (search for organic housecleaning products) to remove the detritus from home or apartment windows and prepare them to let the sun shine in. How about donating that extra TV or monitor or computer to a worthy LGBT organization? Look at your living space and consider adding a few live plants to clean up the air and give your eyes the green on which our species thrives.

    If you garden, inside or outside, remove and compost dead growth or plants and replace them, so you’ll ride along with the rising wave of Spring’s natural energies. Consider planting a tree somewhere. There are resources online, and many cities sponsor tree planting services. Honestly look at your health and wellness practices. Change or ditch a habit that is keeping you from achieving your optimal wellness. Quit tobacco smoking, drop the amount of junk or empty foods consumed, increase vegetable and fruit intake, or start daily walking. Contemplate the relationships in your life, and honestly consider which ones need to be strengthened and which ones need to change.

    Look in your clothes closet and think about ditching, sharing, or donating clothes that no longer meet your needs. As well, Spring is the time of year for brightly colored attire and hats, so start thinking about which hat and outfit you are going to create and wear for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s Easter in the Park (in Golden Gate Park this year). Then, go flaunt an external reflection of the beauty that we have and that we are discovering about our gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered selves.


    Let us soar on the joys of Mother Earth’s rising energy and celebrate the beauty we see and make in the world, that we have inside, and that we discover in each other.

    Blessed be!