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    Take Me Home with You 6.13.24

    Meet Blissy, the dog who has us all feeling blissful! This energetic young adult has a boundless love for training, and her intelligence shines through every day. Though she can be excitable, Blissy quickly remembers, “A sit gets me a treat,” and will eagerly offer a perfect sit before you even finish the command. Just be sure to have that tasty reward ready!


    Blissy is also mastering foundational cues like Look, Touch, and 180 Turns. Like humans, she needs both mental enrichment and physical exercise, and her enthusiasm for learning makes her a joy to train. (We’re hoping her future family gets her some of those fun talking buttons!)

    If you’re ready for a rewarding journey of positive training, trust, and love, Blissy is the perfect adventure companion. Adopt her today and experience the joy of getting to know this sweet, beautiful girl!


    Think you and Blissy might be a match, but want to try a trial run first? You can foster Blissy for a week with the intention of adopting her. If things don’t work out, you can always bring her back to us. Interested? Visit us or contact us at to learn more. Visitors are welcome from 11 am–6 pm (Wednesday–Sunday) and 1 pm–6 pm on Tuesdays. The SF SPCA is closed on Mondays.

    Published on June 13, 2024