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    Top of Your Stack – Recommendations from Book Passage 7.27.23

    Turning Japanese – new expanded edition (nonfiction/graphic – hardbound) by MariNaomi

    Turning Japanese is a comics memoir that chronicles MariNaomi’s experiences working in illegal hostess bars in San Jose and

    Tokyo while attempting to connect with a culture that had eluded her since childhood. The story begins in 1995 (where Mari’s first memoir, Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, left off), when 22-year-old Mari had just gotten out of a long-term relationship. She moved to San Jose, California, where she was exposed to a wider Asian population than she’d ever known in her hometown of Mill Valley. 

    The East Indian: A Novel (historical fiction hardbound) by Brinda Charry

    Meet Tony: insatiably curious, deeply compassionate, with a unique perspective on every scene he encounters. Kidnapped and transported to the New World after traveling from the British East India Company’s outpost on the Coromandel Coast to the teeming streets of London, young Tony finds himself in Jamestown, Virginia.

    Like the play that captivates him—Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream—Tony’s life is rich with oddities and hijinks, humor and tragedy. Set during the early days of English colonization in Jamestown, before servitude calcified into racialized slavery, The East Indian gives authentic voice to an otherwise unknown historic figure and brings the world he would have encountered to vivid life. In this coming-of-age tale, narrated by a most memorable literary rascal, Charry conjures a young character sure to be beloved by readers for years to come.

    Some Girls Do (YA/fiction – paperback) by Jennifer Dugan

    In this YA contemporary queer romance from the author of Hot Dog Girl, an openly gay track star falls for a closeted, bisexual teen beauty queen with a penchant for fixing up old cars.

    Upcoming Events

    Sunday, July 30 @ 1 pm (free – Corte Madera store) Andrew Sean Greer, author of Less is Lost

    In the follow-up to the “bedazzling, bewitching, and be-wonderful” (New York Times) best-selling and Pulitzer Prize-winning Less: A Novel, the awkward and lovable Arthur Less returns in an unforgettable road trip across America. Less roves across the “Mild Mild West,” through the South and to his mid-Atlantic birthplace, with an ever-changing posse of writerly character. He grows a handlebar mustache, ditches his signature gray suit, and disguises himself in the bolero-and-cowboy-hat costume of a true

    “Unitedstatesian” with varying levels of success as he continues to be mistaken for either a Dutchman, the wrong writer, or, worst of all, a “bad gay.” We cannot, however, escape ourselves—even across deserts, bayous, and coastlines.

    Saturday, August 5 @ 3 pm (free – Corte Madera store) Anita Gail Jones, author of The Peach Seed

    Please join us in celebrating Anita Gail Jones’ launch debut event with a presentation and book signing beginning at 3 pm in the main event space, followed by a reception beginning at 4:30 pm in our gallery. The multigenerational novel is an epic debut that explores the origins of a South Georgia family’s tradition and how its modern-day sons and daughters struggle with the legacies of America’s Civil Rights Movement and the far-reaching impacts of the 1800s slave trade from Senegal to Charleston, SC.

    Sunday, August 6 @ 2 pm (free – Ferry Building store) Julia Vee, co-author of Ebony Gate: The Phoenix Hoard

    A retired assassin is forced to confront her bloody past (and an army of the dead) in the summer’s hottest new fantasy, Ebony Gate, by Julia Vee and Ken Bebelle. This is the first book in an exciting new series. Readers are dropped into San Francisco’s modern-day Chinatown where nothing is as it seems. With a tough-as-nails heroine, unique world-building and magic, and an engrossing cast of characters, Ebony Gate is perfect for fans of Fonda Lee’s The Green Bone Saga series.

    Top of Your Stack – Recommendations from Book Passage
    Published on July 27, 2023