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    Tulips, Calla Lilies & Hope: The Journey Homeward

    By Kit Kennedy–

    Poet in Residence–                                              

    for Frida Kahlo  

    Neither desire nor greed 
    brings a bee to the tulip.
    Simply, survival. Yet, even
    tulips have a shadow-side:
    stark, still, resolute. Flowers
    have a polar opposite, too. 
    Calla lilies, in particular, 
    weave sorrow & joy.  

    The journey homeward 
    is rarely easy or direct. 
    Often circuitous.
    May each of us find
    a golden bridge 
    with the top rung peeking 
    through cloud like a Spring 
    bulb bursting with bloom.  

    Should you, on your journey, 
    meet a single butterfly outlined  
    against a sun-splashed door, 
    be heartened. Against all odds,
    that heavy door will spring open 
    to home & again, to hope.  

    Kit Kennedy is the Poet-in-Residence of the “San Francisco Bay Times” and at herchurch Ebenezer Lutheran ( ). She has published 5 poetry collections, and for several years hosted the poetry series at Gallery Café. For more information, please visit her blog: Tulips, Calla Lilies & Hope: The Journey Homeward

    Photos by Stacy Boorn–

    Artist & Photographer–

    Published on April 8, 2021