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    Welcome to the Tom and Jerry Christmas Tree!

    xmasBy Tom Taylor and
    Jerome Goldstein

    We present our Tom and Jerry Christmas Tree, which has been an annual, ongoing tradition for the past 30 years. The yearly Christmas Display should be ready for viewing and enjoying by December 10, and will continue through January 1, 2015. Before the 24th of December, Santa Claus will be receiving all before the tree from 6:30 to 9:30pm for Christmas wishes and photos.

    The tree is a 65-foot Norfolk Island pine that lives all year round at 3650 21st Street, but is proudly decorated for the holidays for all to enjoy.

    Everyone is encouraged to bring family and friends to the tree. We request no honking of horns in consideration of our neighbors, and that you park either at the top or bottom of the hill for easy access and time to enjoy the tree. “Making Christmas,” a documentary featured at the Frameline Film Festival, is available for purchase at the Tree, or by accessing the Diversity Foundation of San Francisco website,

    Happy Holidays from Tom and Jerry!