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    Who Says You Have to Have a Traditional Wedding?


    By Elaine Herman

    So, you’re getting married!  Every couple wants their wedding to be unique and to put their own personal stamp on the occasion, from the look of the room to the wedding feast. After all, you’re not just blending your lives, you’re blending your families, your traditions and your cultures. Your menu should be a reflection of who you are as individuals and together as a couple. Your caterer will be instrumental in creating the perfect menu that showcases everything that is important to you.

    We find that many of the couples we work with are looking for some kind of twist on a traditional celebration. It might be incorporating ethnic influences into the menu or opting for a different style of service, like family style or stations. Maybe it’s a dish they shared on their first date. One thing is for sure: they are looking to break out of the standard mold.

    In addition to mixing up the menu, the presentation is just as important as the food itself. At 49 Square Catering, we believe in having fun with our menus. As a matter of fact, our unofficial tagline is that we encourage you to play with your food! Taking a playful attitude towards food presentation gives your guests something unexpected and memorable. We’ve created several custom display pieces to showcase everything from appetizers to desserts. It’s a total “WOW factor”! The pieces create a visual focus that can be seen from across the room, and guests are delighted and engaged by these beautiful stations. They can be customized with flowers, photos or other mementos to personalize the experience.

    And let’s not forget about dessert!

    There are no hard and fast rules that say you must have a traditional wedding cake. We see many couples who want a small cake just for the ceremonial cutting, but they want something completely different for the reception. For example, anyone can do an ice cream sundae bar. How are you going to elevate it to something memorable?


    We custom fabricated what we call our “Suspended Animation” station, an interactive art piece where the chocolate and caramel sauces are poured over fruits like apples and oranges suspended from a frame above containers of ice cream—or cake, marshmallows, fruit … let your imagination run wild! The sauces drop onto whatever is in the container, and as the layers of chocolate and caramel build up, the fruits become more and more like pieces of edible sculpture.

    Elaine Herman has been in the events industry for over 20 years. She has pretty much seen and done it all, from cooking to event planning and everything in between. She brings her collective experience to her role as Director of Sales and Partner at 49 Square Catering. She may be reached at or on her cell, which is permanently affixed to her ear, 510-390-3231.


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