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How Much Should I Offer?

I was out with some clients the other day, Chris and Pat. We’d finally found a house that they really liked. It had a nice big yard,…


Y-our Needs Include Our Needs

Y-our Needs Include Our Needs

True intimacy with another depends on our capacity to courageously individuate and free ourselves from the limiting patterns that polarize us. Missing your freedom and independence when…

The Week in Review

Ann Rostow: Tough Times

By Ann Rostow Hello, dear readers. I changed the name of my Wi-Fi network last night and now my main computer no longer goes on line. The…


New HIV Prevention Recommendations Combine Biomedical and Behavioral Approaches

New guidelines for preventing HIV have just been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. They integrate both cutting-edge biomedical advances and evidence-based behavioral interventions for…